Emmeloord, 26 December 2016
In December the Canon De Noordoostpolder Foundation published its newsletter. The Foundation’s goal is to publish a newsletter twice a year describing its realized activities. In the newsletter we will also give an overview of activities that have taken place or are under development for publication the coming year.

In addition, the Canon De Noordoostpolder Foundation provides an overview of the so-called ‘verrekijkers’ (spyglasses) that have been realized in the previous period.  A ‘verrekijker’ provides a vista - also called 'deepening' - of an existing theme or a  'window' of the Canon.
In addition, attention will be paid to "Noordoostpolder 75 years dry" (2017) and the foreseen contribution of the Canon De Noordoostpolder Foundation to this event.
Download the newsletter here

Emmeloord, 7 May 2016 l Also, this year you can get acquainted with the carried out activities.

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